Pilot training generally begins with a private pilot certificate, which can be obtained in as little as 40 hours, however the national average is 50-60 hours of flight time. This certificate (often referred to as a “license”) serves as the basis for all other certificates and ratings you will receive, whether for a career, business, or recreational purposes.

We offer many different programs please see the below program links for more details.

Airline Dispatcher Program

Learn how to become an Airline Dispatcher.

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Private Pilot

This is where it all begins, step one of Pilot Training.

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Instrument Rating

Learn about navigating through the clouds by reference to instruments only.

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Commercial Pilot

Master all the necessary maneuvers and procedures to become a Commercial Pilot, which allows you to get paid to fly.

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Multi-Engine Rating

You have mastered the Single Engine, Learn about flying Multi-Engine.

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Flight Instructor

Now that you have all this piloting knowledge, teach others to learn to fly.

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Airline Professional Pilot

This is an all-inclusive course from Private Pilot to Flight Instructor.

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Custom Programs

Have a special case and some flight time, Falcon Aviation Academy can help.

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Liberty University Affiliate

Learn about our Liberty University Affiliate Program.

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International Student Training

Falcon has trained students from all over the world, learn how.

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