Falcon Aviation Academy hires instructors from both inside and outside our training program based on knowledge and previous experience. Our goal is to fulfill the demand of our continual expansion. Specific location requests (KFFC, KAHN, KCCO) will be considered but final placement will be determined by current demand.

Falcon Aviation also offers a unique opportunity to become employed with the company after successful completion of required training courses.  We offer the student the chance to build valuable experience while earning a compensation in the flight instructor field.  The experience gained is valuable to your aviation future and provides the aviation foundation required for career advancement in aviation.  The best pathway into employment with our company is:

The Airline Professional Pilot Course

This program is designed to direct training toward the student who plans a career path to a regional airline.  The course provides all of the necessary pilot certifications and ratings necessary to qualify as a regional first officer.  The course culminates with earning the professional flight instructor certification in additional to a turbine transition course.  Upon completion, a pre-employment background check is conducted along with a series of insurance mandated aircraft flight checkouts. The total experience package more than meets any regional program and meets most corporate requirements for first officers.

Falcon Aviation Academy exceeds the industry standard by offering competitive pay. Full-time instructors can also benefit from insurance benefits and performance based incentives. Finally, current Falcon flight instructors can obtain additional instructor ratings as employees at highly reduced costs.

A great place to begin your aviation career, we believe that the Flight Instructor has a critical and influential role in aviation safety. As a professional instructor, skills are developed that will transfer directly to other aviation endeavors such as communication skills, working with the public, supervisory skills, flight skills and knowledge, how to use intervention and the ability to monitor the performance of others. While instructing is usually an entry level position in aviation employment, the skills learned and the experiences are very rewarding. Flight instructing is one of the most influential of all aviation experiences due to the impact the flight instructor has on the student.


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