Commercial Pilot

This is the next big step in reaching your dream. In order to have a career in aviation as a pilot, a commercial pilot certificate is required. Here you will work on precision and skill as well as the decision-making skills required for a professional pilot.

This course is designed to create a patient, safe, and insightful pilot. You will begin with single-engine operations and progress to multi-engine once single-engine is completed.

(Airplane Single-Engine Land: 40 hours ground instruction, 5 hours dual complex flight training, 40 hours dual non-complex, 65 hours solo, 18 hours pre/post flight briefing)

(Airplane Multi-Engine Land Add-On: 8 hours dual flight instruction, 8 hours pre/post flight briefing)

Written Test (fee paid directly to CATS testing)
Practical Test (fee paid directly to examiner)

  • DA-20/C182RG

  • $21,785
  • DA-20/PA-28R

  • $21,710
  • Multi-Engine Add On DA-42

  • $4,144

Prices listed are Falcon Aviation Academy’s Elite Rates, which require full payment of the program before the first lesson. Other pricing options are available that do not require full payment of program up front.